We are committed to sharing knowledge and information for the purposes of enlightenment, empowerment, and education. We develop and sponsor youth support and enhancement programs, as well, business symposia in support local businesses. We act as an information resource making available information on social programs and aids for those in need. 

Operation Re-Boot

is a partnership between Cornerstone Community Development Corporation the community and the school system. Community development is our passion and the youth are a vital integral part of any community. With so much negative associated with today‚Äôs youth, we try to accentuate the positive. The program serves Bergen County middle to high school youths.   Click here to read more ...

"Making It Happen From the Ground Up"

As part of our commitment to the sustained growth and develop of community, we offer a three tier internship program that helps to train the community leaders of tomorrow. In light of the current political climate, we are uniquely equipped to help prepare and train this current generation in grass roots leadership and community service. At Cornerstone, we have the collective knowledge and experience to address the need and raise tomorrow's community leaders.   Click here to read more ...

Small Business Symposia

In an endeavor to help support the growth of small business in the community, we bring together business, industry, and government experts to address topics and relevant issues that impact small businesses and micro-enterprises.   Click here to read more ...

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