As part of our commitment to the sustained growth and develop of community, we offer a three tier internship program that helps to train the community leaders of tomorrow. In light of the current political climate, we are uniquely equipped to help prepare and train this current generation in grass roots leadership and community service. At Cornerstone, we have the collective knowledge and experience to address the need and raise tomorrow's community leaders.

Community Service

focuses on field operations; canvassing the community; visiting businesses; contacting community organizations; interfacing directly with clients in the community.

Administration & Operations

focuses on administrative & office operations; oversight, implementation, & execution of a community program.

Information Technology

implementing & maintaining information systems to enhance the programs developed; create & implement an online directory; implement & maintain a social media presence; help create a marketing portfolio for symposia; create & maintain a database of businesses & organizations.

Interns, operating in the tiers, will help move the Affinity Directory online, help with developing symposia, and better engage Cornerstone in the community. Interns are recruited to one of three tiers for their internship. They are assigned a mentor who would be responsible for oversight and development during their time with Cornerstone. Interns are given a monetary stipend (sponsor funded) as well as a letter of recommendation at the completion of the program. Students from an affiliated school may receive cooperative learning credits. The program is a type of apprenticeship in developing grassroots organization skills.

Wall of Fame Interns

Isaiah Walters
Isaiah Walters
Administration & Operations 2018
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